Notes: Installing Docker on vSphere 6

Add Docker functionality to ESXi

Download the Docker Volume Plugin ->

Enable esxi shell and ssh on ESXi host

Use WinSCP to copy the VIB to the ESXi host (WinSCP at )

Install the VIB into the esxi kernel using the following command:

esxcli software vib install -v /path-to-vib/ -f

From <>


(The ESXi host does NOT need to be rebooted!)

Check all is well with

/etc/init.d/vmdk-opsd status

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Get Photon as the base host OS for the Docker containers

Download the PhotonOS OVA which is the Docker Container OS (could use Ubuntu instead)

Deploy the OVA into your ESXi host (or in this case vCenter server)


(More vCPU/Memory required?)

Boot Photon OS

Immediately you login as root with the default password (“changeme”) you will be forced to change the password to something else


Download the vmdk plug-in for Docker

RPM ->


DEB ->

Use WinSCP to copy either file to /root (use ifconfig to find out what the IP address of the Photon VM is)


Depending on which install package you downloaded, use one of the following commands to install the plug-in into PhotonOS

rpm -ivh

dpkg -i

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Test Docker is functioning

Create a 10GB docker volume called ‘vol1’ as an example:

docker volume create –driver=vmdk –name=vol1 -o size=10gb

From <>


Use a Docker Volume command to see the details


More to follow as I learn Docker…