VCP Cloud – what sort of questions are on the exam? #1

A note on what sort of questions to expect on the VCP-Cloud 510 exam

The questions in the VCP-CLOUD aka VCP-IaaS exam were all multiple choice in nature, with some requiring multiple answers (choose 2 or more). There were in total 85 Questions in the exam.

The exam is really heavy on vCloud Networking and vShield Component, you need to make sure that you know this stuff in and out for having a chance in the exam. There will be few questions which will be straight out of the vCloud director interface so building a Lab is essential. These questions are like low hanging fruit which can be handled very easily if you know the interface.

My advice? Build a lab for this exam, learn/install all the vCloud components, go through the PDFs, master the concepts. There is almost nothing related to vSphere in the exam as being a VCP5 is one of the prerequisites for this exam, so don’t have hopes on questions on vSphere. The exam blueprint has covered all the topics which you need to prepare for the exam.


I had heard this from the instructor on my vCloud Director course that the exam was heavily focussed on Networking and vShield (everyone still calls vCNS this, even in the course materials they refer to the ‘vShield Manager’ appliance).

This seems to be sage advice. On the course it was clearly apparent to me looking at the materials that trying to pass the exam without building your own vCloud system was going to make the task of getting certified several times more difficult than was necessary.


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