Moving on and moving up

I’ve left this blog fallow for almost a month, but I’m going to get back into it because of changes that are happening in my career.

Basically, I’m now on gardening leave from my old job and I’m due to start a new job with a dedicated cloud provider on July 1st. My new title will be “Cloud Architect” and I’ll be doing lots of projects and consultations which leverage the company’s cloud infrastructure and cloud services.

While I’ve been on leave, I’ve taken the opportunity to also create a test 3-server vCloud cluster with iSCSI storage. I haven’t touched iSCSI in nearly 3 years but its pleasing to note that the knowledge hasn’t completely faded away.

And next week, I’m going on a VMware course run by Arrow ECS in London called “VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.1]”, the course which will take my virtualization knowledge to the next level. This course contains all of the required information to take the VCP-Cloud exam and I’m excited at the prospect.

More importantly, I’ll be able to get the certifications that will differentiate me in the skills market. There are nearly 150,000 VCPs globally, but a lot fewer VCP-Clouds or VCAPs. Certifications will define the bare minimum level of my skillset, allowing me to consider opportunities in the market as they present themselves.

I think as virtualization moves mainstream, the VCP5 will be the minimum requirement for people who use vSphere and ESXi on a daily basis, but vCloud and VCAP will differentiate those who are more senior, who consult on datacenter virtualization and/or work on virtualization projects.

VMware certifications aren’t the only mountains out there – Microsoft certifications in Windows 2012 will be increasingly important and managing Hyper-V and VSphere will be important skills in the knowledge economy.

Starting next month, I’ll be talking more about vCloud and cloud computing in general as well as the requirements to take and pass the certifications along the way.


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