Mount vCloud Director: Helpful feedback from LinkedIn

After my previous post which asked the question of how to tackle the VCP-Cloud certification in the most efficient manner, here are some of the replies from the LinkedIn group “vCloud Director”:

Rajesh Radhakrishnan

Please complete the below e-learn course , you will get good understanding and you can pass the exam.
VMware vShield Fundamentals [V5.X]
VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V1.5]
VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V5.1]
VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager Fundamentals [V2.5]

The mylearn stuff is pretty good. There is also which has an excellent set of videos on key VMWare products including vCloud Director.

I am also a subscriber to’s excellent video series, which although it costs money (a whole $50 a month, come on!) is also concentrated goodness which helped with gaining the VCP5.

Toby Phillippe

Somewhat misleading as you must be VCP5-DV certified (which itself has a required course) if you don’t want to “spend thousands” on training courses. See the roadmap here:

That being said, the classes are the best prep for the courses in my somewhat biased (I’m a VMware employee) opinion.

Now I agree that I would rather do the course if I could afford it, but I need to watch pennies. Certainly the VMware course materials are pretty good.

Rajesh Radhakrishnan

If you are planning to complete the certification only , you will get that knowledge from above mentioned elearn courses .
The vcp-vcd exam contains questions of vcd manage , vshiled , vcd networking and cbm (charge back manager ) , if you are a vcp5-dv expert you can go ahead with elearn courses , you will get understanding of install , configure manage of VCD.vShield and CBM and you can pass exam with that knowledge.
If you want to know all the features of the vcloud you should go with detailed class and documents .

Joshua Andrews

Note that VCP-Cloud has a class requirement if you have not passed your VCP5-DCV (which has its own class requirements if you don’t have VCP-Cloud).

If you want lab suggestions start looking at blogs around the VCAP-CIA exam which is the live-lab vCloud director exam.

Joshua Andrews

CIA (and the accompanying public blueprint) has only been out a week or so, but I am hopeful there will be blogs on it soon. Note there is a dedicated VCAP-CIA linked in group you can join tho that is also very new.

Toby Phillippe

A few useful resources:

VMware Blogs:
VMware Learning Paths:
VMware Videos:
VMware Technical Documentation:
VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit:

And of course, the exam blueprints to guide you on what to study.
I hope that was a bit more helpful and wish you all the best on your journey to achieving VMware expertise!

So with these responses I have most of the materials for a route to the summit. The learning path I want to follow looks like the following:


Time to do some reading…


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