Getting the VCP-Cloud certification without spending money on courses?

The VCP-Cloud certification has no pre-requisite courses that one must take before the exam. The question is what is the minimum requirement to be able to pass the exam in terms of time and resources?

For example, I would think its absolutely necessary to have a private lab to build a vCloud system because of the practical exam questions.

But what are the minimum reading requirements, recommended resources and books that people who already have the certification would recommend as essential?

I’m waiting with bated breath for the “VMware Private Cloud Computing with VCloud Director” book due to be released in July this year. But I don’t yet know whether the book covers all the syllabus of the exam blueprint, nor can I get materials and lab exercises that cover all of the blueprint without paying for a VMware course – or can I?

Please understand, I’m not asking this because I am attempting to be a minimal “paper VCP-Cloud” – I want to understand all of the product rigorously. Paper certified people devalue the certification in the eyes of employers and render the hard work of others to be near worthless.

I know at least one person who is VCP5 certified who has never touched a ESXi5 hypervisor nor installed vCenter even once – what is the point of that?

What I do want to know is whether gaining the certification is possible without spending thousands of dollars on training courses.


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