VMware – encourage your ecosystem to grow by giving NFR licenses to VCPs

I’ve written this to VMWare regarding encouraging VCPs to go further into VMware‘s product suite. Let me know what you think:

I recently became a VCP5-DV and I’m now turning my attention to the next steps: vCloud and View

Although its nice to have VMware Workstation as a gift for passing, can I ask that it would also make sense to encourage VCPs to go further by giving away small licenses for every VMware product on an NFR basis?

What I would suggest is:

VCloud Director: 1 cell and up to 12 VMs – 12 months
View: 1 VC and up to 6 running Virtual Desktops – 12 months
…and so on.

Its frustrating that I have to use evaluations which expire quickly and which cannot be renewed. The licenses would be renewed once per year and when new products are released, VCPs should get a limited license to be able to learn them.

The assumption with evaluations is for companies to use them now and license them later – whereas virtualization engineers want to do learning and testing while not under the time pressure of a 60 day evaluation limit. The longer I can run a test/dev environment, the more confidence I can bring to my customers that I have gone through all of the steps of the deployment so they can start seeing the benefits of the products faster and can make their purchasing decisions sooner.

I’m sure that VMware would want to encourage VCPs to go beyond vSphere and embrace the whole of the product set, and giving them encouragement through personal NFR licenses in their own license portal, which can move with them from assignment to assignment would be a big help to growing the base of knowledgeable VMware consultants who can integrate these products together.

Yours sincerely

John Andrews


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