I climbed the first peak and beheld the virtual mountain range

On Friday 22nd March at around 2.15pm I got a message on a computer screen:

“Congratulations! You have passed the VCP-510 examination”

Now what?

Instead of exhultation that I had conquered the peak, from the top I could see the virtual mountain range before me, taller and steeper than the one I’d just climbed, and found myself a little numb.

Do I stop here?

I realised that many people had stood before me where I stood. Perhaps they had decided that this was going to be their last climb for a long while, that their ambitions were fulfilled, that they give up mountain climbing for a while and do some hill-walking.

Me? I looked at the path before me and committed myself to the next climb, and the one after that.

This blog is about my journey to conquer the mountains in front of me.

Here is a map of part of the mountain range

VMware Certification paths as of April 2013

As I say this is only part of the mountain range. There are others such as Microsoft’s Windows 2012 and Hyper-V, Cisco’s UCS suite, OpenStack, KVM, VEEAM and SRM…and beyond

How many will I climb? Are they all required? Are some more important than others?

But there is one rule: you can only climb one mountain at a time.

And the next mountain is called vCloud


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